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Southwest Medical Associates


Southwest Medical Associates

Southwest Medical, part of OptumCare, gives patients an entire team of medical professionals dedicated to serving their healthcare needs—as comprehensively as possible. Pictured here is our Montecito Care Team.

We're focused on your health.

Southwest Medical puts the health of our patients above all. From Urgent Care to convenient e-visits, we bring our patients the health care they want, the way they want it. It’s all about being a valued part of our community.

Experience. Compassion. Innovation. Quality.

These words are all part of the Southwest Medical promise. We give our patients the right care in the right setting.

We combine technology and information to deliver care when and where our patients need it. We provide:

  • Technology-enabled offices for modern health care
  • Data-driven analysis to provide you with care based on more information
  • Administrative support for better service and more attention from your medical providers

We offer the following services:

Primary care
Our primary care physicians will be your guide to a better you. You’ll get preventive care, treatments and medicines to help you stay healthy.

Specialty care
Our specialty care providers will help you come up with the right care plan for your specific health concerns. We provide heart care, foot care, allergy treatments and more.

Urgent Care
When you have a non-emergency condition but can’t wait to see your doctor, Southwest Medical Urgent Care can help. You can even save time by checking in online with our Urgent Care Home Waiting Room.

Convenient Care
For routine care and minor illnesses and injuries, try our Convenient Care centers. You get the same care as in your doctor’s office, with no appointment needed. You can even save time by checking in online with our Convenient Care Home Waiting Room.

Senior care
Our senior-focused care covers every part of a senior’s health. We offer yearly wellness exams, advance care planning, free events and activities, and more.

Southwest Medical OB/GYNs help women at all ages and stages of life. We provide gynecology services as well as care before, during and after pregnancy.

We focus on your child’s health, from checkups to shots to treating sickness. Our caring pediatric providers will advise you on the best ways to keep your child healthy and happy.

To learn more about Southwest Medical click here.

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