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Southwest Medical OB/GYN


Southwest Medical OB/GYN

From women looking to conceive, to women of all ages experiencing health changes, OB/GYN care is what they rely on to meet life’s challenges. Janelle Agosto, MD of Southwest Medical Associates talks about the continuity of care needed by women as they go through life.

OB/GYN providers diagnose and treat diseases and conditions of the female reproductive system. They also provide care before, during and after pregnancy . . . so it’s not correct to think OB/GYN care begins and ends at pregnancy – and women’s health care doesn’t end after 40!

Annual exams are very important - for example, we offer yearly well-woman exams, pelvic exams and breast exams including mamograms; we provide birth control options and gynecology services such as Pap smears; we can even do minor operations in-office.

For women who are planning for a child, pregnancy care consists of prenatal (before giving birth) and postpartum (after giving birth) for expectant mothers. It involves treatments and trainings to ensure a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and labor and delivery for both moms and babies. During pregnancy, this care includes ultrasounds (tests using sound waves to look inside the body) and maternal blood testing. There can be other tests depending on your specific health needs. We’ll help you keep track of all the tests you need, at the times you need them. We will talk to you about all topics related to pregnancy including labor and delivery and the post-partum period. We discuss lactation, exercise, activities during pregnancy, and what to expect during the post-partum recovery.

Our OB/GYN providers are part of what we call the Women’s Health Program. It’s tailored to a woman’s unique needs, no matter what age or stage of life she is in. Because we are part of a larger multi-specialty medical practice, there a continuity of care you can rely on if you are receiving media treatment for other health issues, with a reliable electronic medical records system that keeps everyone on the same page and well organized, from front desk to doctor.

We have many OB and pediatric providers - we make it easy if you have children — eight locations have pediatrics in the same building, so women with families can get their health needs met conveniently. There’s also the option of telemedicine pediatric care through our NowClinic service.

I’m proud to say we’ve served generations of women in southern Nevada and our large group of OB/GYN providers means you have choices.

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