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Southwest Medical on the Move


Southwest Medical on the Move

In addition to historic shortage of healthcare providers in the state, many Nevadans have significant challenges to accessing healthcare. Some patients have transportation, child care or other challenges that prevent them from going to a healthcare center. Southwest medical has partnered with Health Plan of Nevada and Sierra Health and Life to meet that challenge.

We have currently 350 providers, we have over 30 brick and mortar clinics throughout the valley, and we recently introduced Medicine on the Move, which is a mobile clinic that goes out into the community to provide healthcare. So basically, we are bringing medicine to the people. We’ve gone to churches, schools, charitable organizations, and homeless shelters.

Medicine on the Move is just like any typical brick and mortar clinic that we have in the valley. We have the same diagnostic equipment. Some of the same equipment includes radiology, x-ray, ultra sound, and mammography. We offer services for pediatrics, for adult medicine, and for obstetrics and gynecology. And one of our unique features is that we have digital mammography, and we are the only medical mobile unit in the nation that has digital mammography.

It has been overwhelming, we have had a robust response from parents and children. Recently we attended a couple of middle schools and the response from the administrators and the kids was awesome. Kids came onto the unit, gleam in their eyes, excited, waiting to see what this mobile unit had to offer.

So if you’re interested in seeing what our mobile unit is like please go to MedicineOnThe or call 1-800-382-0870.

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