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Southwest Medical Telephone Advice


Southwest Medical Telephone Advice

Southwest Medical understands that medical visits can’t always wait. So, in addition to computer and smart phone tele-medicine visits and e-visit messages, patients can use to correspond with their physicians, it also has options like the Senior Dimensions telephone advice nurse.

We operate a telephone advice nurse line at Southwest Medical, it is staffed by registered nurses and they are located in our resource coordination center. The registered nurses staff the advice line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are open to take any type of calls and we really feel that the telephone advice nurse is a specialized unit for our Senior Dimension patients, because they can have complex needs and special needs. And we get approximately over 5000 calls per month.

We receive a lot calls with a lot of different questions from the patient. It can range from new medication they received from their primary care provider, can be new diagnoses that they have questions on, and a lot of the calls come from symptoms they are experiencing and help direct them on their care and where they can seek treatment for those symptoms.

Because we have electronic medical records there are questions and responses are often included in their records so their primary care doctor is fully up to speed on their next visit and can follow up with the patient as needed. We can also task the provider on urgent questions for the next day. Our integrated system also means we can make appointments for the patient, if necessary even in the middle of the night or direct them to the urgent care rather than going to the ER which means less wait time.

Of course, if someone needs emergency care we can conference in 911 and make sure the emergency crew arrives in a timely manner and accommodates the patient.

So, we want to make healthcare better for everyone and this is another way we are doing that.

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