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Springer Spaniel Rescue


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Mary Kay Gauron – Vice President, Springer Spaniel Rescue

For over 45 years, Southwest Medical Associates, part of OptumCare, has been a vital part of Southern Nevada. Southwest Medical’s hundreds of teams members volunteer at community event and non-profits throughout the region. In addition, their teams support and provide board representation for over 40 non-profit organizations across Southern Nevada.

One of those organizations is Springer Spaniel Rescue. We’re Springer Spaniel Res-cue. We started out as Senior Spaniel Rescue about 12 years ago and we’re a 501(c)3; we’re always looking for donations. We rescue dogs through the western United States. We’ve rescued about 41 dogs so far, this year and we expect to rescue probably another five or six before the end of the year. So, donations are always really a lot of help. We have a website; we’re on Facebook; we’re on Instagram at springerspanielrescueincorporated.

We take in Spring Spaniels from all over the West and we immediately take them to the vet and we get test done like fecal and other tests. We make sure they get their vaccinations; if they have additional medical needs then we take care of those. We’re always fundraising for dogs that have additional needs. And we basically have dogs that we’re trying to find out what’s the perfect home for them. We’re matchmakers.

We’re going to be here December 12th through the 24th at Bass Pro Shop wrapping gifts. Bass Pro has allowed us to come out the last seven years. This is our 8th year of being here. And they are one of our key sponsors along with Southwest Medical Associates. And we’re going to be wrapping gifts for donations to help fund raise. This goes to support all the dogs that come in, especially the ones locally. It helps out a lot. And basically, we’re going to be here December 12th through the 24th. We want to invite people to come on down and get their gifts wrapped.

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