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Telephone Advice Nurse


Vickie Lisotto RN, BSN
Associate Director, Resource Coordination Center
Southwest Medical Associates

Telephone Advice Nurse

Southwest Medical has taken numerous steps to improve healthcare access in Nevada. Including the use of technology, their Telemedicine programs including NowClinic and their online patient portal and Evisit messages are examples of healthcare technology that is improving healthcare access for Southern Nevadans. Phone Calls are actually a form of telemedicine. Southwest Medical understands that medical visits can’t always wait so it takes healthcare delivery several steps further. That’s why it has options like the telephone advice nurse.

“We operate the Telephone Advice line for all of our patients, and specifically our Medicare Advantage patients. We found that it is a benefit to have a special unit for our seniors because of their specialized needs. So, the resource coordination center staffs seasoned registered nurses 24 hours a day 7 days a week including the holidays and we take about 5,000 calls a month! We get different types of calls, medication questions, health concerns, newly diagnosed health issues. Because we have electronic medical records their questions and our answers are included in our patients records so their Primary Care Doctor is fully up to speed for their next visit and can follow up with the patient as needed. We can task their provider to ask specific questions from the patients and of course if it is an emergency situation then we will call 911, we will stay on the phone with the patient until emergency medical assistance gets there.

We like our patients to know that, 24/7, they have access to registered nurses no matter how simple or how large the question is and we are going to document that call and put it in their chart to make sure the patient provider is on the same page.”

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