Patient Centered Care


Southwest Medical

John Rhodes M.D.

John Rhodes MD is Senior Medical Director at Southwest Medical Associates, as demands on the healthcare system grow Dr. Rhodes and the leadership of Southwest Medical determined that changes from how they operate, even to how they build their care centers, would be made to meet those demands.

“I am a family trained physician. I was born and raised here in Las Vegas and I have always practiced medicine here in southern Nevada. One of my current roles and goals is to roll out the Team Medicine concept throughout our company. The past model of delivering healthcare was really between the physician and the patient and occurred in the exam room. Team Medicine includes a physician and a patient, which are still the focus of the team, but also the other physicians in the office the other advanced care practitioners and the other support staff. So that the patient knows the entire team and the entire team knows the patient.”

“We have created new clinics with new designs that allow the team to work together and be together so that they can collaborate in the care of the patient. We have created improved communication systems so that we can communicate between providers both onsite and offsite and ways for the patients to be able to communicate with us. We have E-Visits which is an email system for our patients, it’s part of their medical records, that they can ask appropriate questions on and communicate with their team of providers and healthcare professionals. We also have the NowClinic which is a way you can now do tele-medicine and video chat with a physician and get advice or input on an illness and when you are doing that you have access to the medical records so the provider who is talking with you can see your health history and your medications you are on and then send information back to your healthcare team and follow up.”

“The whole reason we have developed this Team concept in medicine is really to enhance the patient experience and the quality of medicine, says Dr. Rhodes.

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