Salute Our Troops | Local vet doing lots of 'goodwill' for the community


Every month we like to salute our troops by recognizing individuals in our community who go the extra mile.

Our nominee this time is someone who served two decades in the Air Force.

She says she loved her time in the military. She loves living in Las Vegas and her job at Goodwill of Southern Nevada allows her to continue to serve other veterans.

Nina Ridgeway says she initially had plans for college, but ultimately decided to follow the footsteps of her siblings and join the military.

Now retired after 20-years in the Air Force, she continues to serve veterans at her job with Goodwill of Southern Nevada.

"I'm always curious to see what else is out there that we can provide for those that served in the military and their families", says Nina.

Nina's military service included several deployments, even during Operation Enduring Freedom. She says through the years she developed a love for the military and especially for those who serve.

Colleagues at her job say clients who come to the office and request her because they know she's got their back.

"She really is very creative in terms of problem-solving", says Terri Conway of Goodwill.

Veteran integration is part of Nina's current job description.

In short, she helps find vets civilian jobs and other services they may need.

"Nina is one of those unsung heroes in our valley, that is out there doing what she does every day with a huge passion and she just cares", says Sean Corbett of Goodwill.

"It's not just me. Here at Goodwill, we're just a team of folks that are willing to go above and beyond and make sure people are taken care of when they come through the door", says Nina.

Nina was nominated by her friends and co-workers who describe her as genuine and selfless and for that, we salute her.

On behalf of News 3, our community partners, and the entire Las Vegas community, we want to thank Nina for her service. We're definitely lucky to have her here in Las Vegas.

If you know an active or retired military member, male or female, who goes above and beyond in our community, we would like to recognize them. To make a submission, CLICK HERE.

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