SALUTE OUR TROOPS | Local vet committed to Junior ROTC cadets


Every month we like to Salute Our Troops.

We like to recognize those in our community who go the extra mile.

This month's nominee is someone who served 26-years in the army most of it in special forces.

He continues to serve our community by helping equip and train young minds in the Junior ROTC.

Occasionally, life does imitate art.

In the case of retired army command Sergeant Major Tommy Harveston, his was a calling at a very young age.

"I saw the movie 'John Wayne and the Green Berets' and I told my dad, I'm going to be that someday", says Harveston.

Tommy enlisted at 21, served 4 years, then got out briefly. He re-enlisted and became a green beret. He served another 22 years.

In times of war, he's the guy you wanted on your side.

He was performing tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, under General David Petraeus. He also spent time in Asia jumping out of aircrafts as well as commanding and training a battalion of 428-soldiers.

"It was a love, and a great time for me, and also for me to be able to serve my country the best way I possibly could", says Harveston.

Tommy was nominated by his neighbor Tony Thomas, who is also a Vietnam veteran.

"This man fought some serious war, and to continue ongoing into ROTC, this is paramount, because he's just continuing on doing what he loves best, taking care of the kids and the people in this country."

Harveston retired from the service, but not from serving. His work mentoring and training young people in the Junior ROTC is his latest commitment.

"My reward is making sure that when they leave us we've done everything that we possibly can for them to set them up to be successful in life", says Harveston.

We're definitely lucky to have Tommy in Las Vegas.

We're honored to salute him.

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