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TWO CENTS: How To Choose a Mortgage Lender


Two Cents Las Vegas - Mortgage

Dan Lorenger – VP/Regional Mortgage Manager

Mortgage financing comes in many forms this includes purchasing, refinancing or even new construction or major renovation financing. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a mortgage lender:

Is the mortgage lender experienced? Will they be able to guide you the process and tackle the challenges that may arise?

Can the lender handle your income situation?

Does the lender offer a wide range of mortgage products? Whether it’s traditional financing or one-time close construction or perhaps financing a major renovation.

Do you feel the lender can provide you information that will enable you to make good financial decisions for your situation?

Home financing is one of the biggest financial transactions consumers make and you should have a lender that is focused on your best interests.

Nevada State Bank has been helping home owners pursue their dreams for nearly 60 years.

We believe it matters who you bank with.

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