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TWO CENTS: Holiday Fraud Tips

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TWO CENTS: Holiday Fraud Tips

It’s holiday shopping time and the season brings excitement for many - family gatherings, feasts, winter fun, and holiday gifts. Unfortunately, the season also kicks criminals into high gear.

Despite the increase in fraudulent activity, there are several steps you can take to help protect yourself from holiday fraudsters.

1. ATM Safety:

  • Protect your information at ATMs. Cover your PIN, Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Always watch for signs of tampering when using terminals. Criminals can install skimmers that will capture card information.

2. Online shopping:

  • Use secured sites
  • Do not store credit card data on a retailers site
  • Keep your web browser and its anti-malware programs up to date
  • Don’t use public wi-fi for shopping

3. Payments: Use credit cards instead of debit cards, both online and offline-they limit the impact of fraud since they are not linked to your checking account.

5. Monitor transactions: Check online and mobile banking regularly--even better, sign up for free alerts customized to your needs.

Be safe and have a Happy Holiday season!

At Nevada State Bank, we believe It Matters Who You Bank With.

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