TWO CENTS: ON Card

    Nevada State Bank is excited to share a new reloadable, prepaid debit card, which allows you to conveniently manage your money.

    ON Card is all about fraud protection and budgeting capabilities.

    The OnCard App is a command center for all card-related activity.

    Add money to cards; set a budget; view balances, transactions and share money.

    The card and app assist you with spending trends month over month, tracking your actual spending against your monthly budget.

    You can transfer money to additional cardholders while maintaining visibility and controls by locking or unlocking the card and receiving alert services.

    This is a great alternative to traditional debit cards or to help your children learn how to handle finances.

    I use the card with my teenagers and they love the freedom to make spending choices with the transparency so we can discuss spending habits.

    Stop in and talk with any Nevada State Banker to see if this might be a fit for you. At Nevada State Bank, we believe It Matters Who You Bank With.

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