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TWO CENTS: Setting Your Financial Goals, Questions To Ask


Two Cents

Setting your financial goals, questions to ask

Shannon Petersen, EVP/Corporate Banking Manager

James Rensvold, SVP/Private Banking Manager

As most of you are about to start preparing your taxes, now is a good time to start reviewing your 2018 financial goals, especially with the new tax laws taking effect in 2018. I am here today with James Rensvold with The Private Bank by Nevada State Bank with some thoughts on the year ahead. Well it is definitely not too late to plan and set your 2018 financial goals. A quick review with your resource team and your CPA, Wealth Advisor, Banker and possibly your Attorney is a great way to start. Here are a few questions to ask;

How should my asset allocations look given where we are in the economic cycle?

How does the tax reform affect my estate and tax planning?

Is your will, living trust and other estate planning documents in place and up to date?

We find that the time it takes to do a quick review can provide great insight and allow for a better financial future for our clients and their family.

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