WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: 8-year-old Allen's biggest need is for you to call him 'son'


There are all kinds of kids out there in this world. Thankfully, most of them know what it's like to belong to someone. So imagine being different from the majority of kids, and not having soft arms to crawl in to when life is tough.

Tonight, meet my friend Allen.

Allan is eight years old. His needs are great, and the biggest need is you to call him your son.

There's a kind of inner world to this young man -- eyes wide with wonder, set in the atmosphere of a face that twinkles like the stars.

And like the best relationships, you meet Allen where just where he is.

Allen's little legs are in braces, but they tell only a portion of his story. The rest of his story is yet to be written.

Allen is very affectionate. He loves touch, holding his hands, and running fingers through his hair.

Every milestone Allen has reached has been hard-earned. He's paid for progress with the help of social workers who believe he's ready to go home. And this home doesn't have to be perfect.

Allen’s social workers are not looking for the perfect cookie cutter family. They’re just looking for the perfect family for Allen.

The payoff is giving this little guy a fulfilled life. He has made leaps and bounds, and it’s only up from here.

To learn more about Allen and any of the amazing young people available for adoption in our valley, visit

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