WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Arrick wants all the pieces of his life to finally fit together


Part of the reason we are all here is to work out our “stuff.” To untangle and untie the knots and weave a new way forward. I met a young man who is doing just that.

Arrick is this week’s Wednesday’s Child and you are about to learn that he works hard to find the right fixes.

Arrick knows that life can sometimes be complex.

“Not everything has to be easy,” Arrick says.

For Arrick, seeing the pieces fit hasn’t always happened, despite wanting for everything that’s happened to make sense.

“I’m just wanting to put things together,” says Arrick while trying to solve a Rubix Cube. “It’s like putting all of the pieces of my life together.”

Arrick, without a family, works at his life, armed with his faith and guided by his hope that, eventually, things will work out.

It took Arrick under two minutes to solve the Rubix Cube, but not everything in life can be solved so quickly. However, whether it’s a Rubix Cube or creating a chair out of an old vehicle seat, or learning card tricks, Arrick shrugs off his own particular brand of magic as just “normal everyday kinds of things.”

Arrick is an example of someone who has kept up hope, despite the disappointments. He says, his faith carried him through.

“You shouldn’t give up, because there’s going to be a family out there who wants and cares for you,” Arrick describes himself as thinking.

Lonlieness is not a pleasant thing, but Arrick knows a way to help himself get past it:

“Seeing the light at end of the tunnel, I knew I was going to pull out of it,” Arrick says.

And why does Arrick want to join a family? Because that would mean he has found the right combinations to put the pieces of his life in order.

So, why do every child and every adoptive family deserve this?

“So they can grow up and realize they did this for me, and now it’s my turn to do this for them,” Arrick says.

Families are a chain linked together to pull each other through. And Aarick longs to be the link in your family’s chain.

“It feels good I know that there’s someone out there for me,” Arrick says.

Are you that someone?

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