Wednesday's Child: Clarence is looking for a forever family to adopt him

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For information about adoption or to inquire about a child featured on Wednesday’s Child, contact or call the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335

The poet Robert Frost once wrote: "home is where, when you go there, they have to take you in." It's likely that you know what it's like to have a place to go where people take you in.

But thousands of children in our valley don't know what that is like, and hold out hope of having a forever family. Tonight, News 3 opens a new chapter in telling the stories of children who want a home and a forever family.

"A family for me is active, healthy, and where I'm not the only child." These words on a page were written by a kid named Clarence. He's a Wednesday's Child who, like so many others, lives his life in limbo, waiting for the chance that someone, someday, will call him "son."

“He has a big heart, he cares about people,” said social worker Kerrie Whitbeck. “He has some empathy.”

Whitbeck sees the goodness in this boy's eyes and hopes someone will see the same in him and thousands of other kids in Clark County who want to be adopted.

“Every child needs a permanent home,” said Whitbeck. “No one should be voided that opportunity.”

And no parent should be voided the opportunity of adopting. I know, because three of my four children came to me by the miracle of adoption.

Twins Asher and Kai came home on their first birthday. Their biological sister, Rion, hovered near death for months but survived to come home to her brothers in Las Vegas through a chance phone call to the News 3 studios.

Child advocate Verise Campbell says nobody is ever 100 percent ready to adopt, and often timing isn't perfect. But making yourself available to the process results in families formed and kids saved.

“Children just wanna be loved,” said Campbell. “If you start from the point of the love you have to give -- it starts with love. It always starts with love.”

That's how it started for Dajae, who has been featured twice on Wednesday's child.

Dajae told News 3 that he had given up hope of being adopted. It was at that point that Dajae's future dad -- a foster kid himself -- and mom -- adopted in her youth -- saw Dajae was available, and said, "He's ours."

“It was like, wow. He's here. He's in our arms. He's part of the tribe,” said Dajae’s dad.

Somewhere out there, there's a child who could be a part of your tribe. Look down at your arms, and get them ready.

Wednesday's Child has a home on News 3 to show you just how much love your arms are made to hold.

“We need more good people so the world can be a good world,” said Clarence.

“It's important because the kids need a family,” said Dajae.

“It breaks my heart that not every child has a home,” said Whitbeck. Don't mention not crying. I'm going to cry. Kids are wonderful, special, and they bring joy.”

I promise our Wednesday's Child segments will give these kids a voice, and I need your help to spread the word to help get them a home. I'll post the stories on social media, and I need you to share these stories so they get seen. Kids in forever homes. Let’s make it happen southern Nevada.

News 3 is proud to begin a partnership with the Nevada Adoption Exchange and Wednesday’s Child. Reed Cowan will bring you the stories of children in our area who are available for adoption and wanting a forever home. Catch Wednesday’s Child segments every Wednesday at 6:30 on news 3 live with Jim Snyder and Reed Cowan.

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