WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Clayton is looking for someone to find what's brilliant inside him

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Do you have somewhere to go when you have a problem? Someone to call when life seems tough? If you answered yes, that means you have a family.

There are thousands of children out there who would answer "no" to those questions, and you can do something about it. You can adopt, and be the answer to a child's need.

Tonight, meet our Wednesday's child: Clayton.

Teenager Clayton will spend his summer watching clouds drift overhead and wondering what it feels like to be in a proper family. Clayton says he doesn’t know what it feels like, but he does hope for it.


“Because I feel like that's what is meant for me,” says Clayton.

People who have hope despite difficulty are true heroes in our community. For Clayton, the harder the knocks, the harder he hopes.

“I've gone through things that nobody should have to go through”, says Clayton. “Nothing is impossible. The word ‘impossible’ has the word ‘possible’ in it.”

Clayton wants you to know he's a gift to the world because he's a helper. He's kind, and he's creative. He just needs someone to pull out of him what is brilliant.

“When someone looks for it inside of me, I can be a great kid,” Clayton said.

To learn more about Clayton or any of the children we feature on Wednesday's Child, click here.

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