WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Darrell proves you do not need words to communicate from the heart


Have you ever met someone you just knew you needed to know? Someone who, in their own way, taught you to come back to the moment, to appreciate what you have and just love what is?

I made a new friend whose life is that example to me.

His name is Darrell, and he is this week's Wednesday's child -- deserving of a forever family.

You're just drawn to him. He has this sweetness about him. And the sweetness of this 13-year-old doesn't require words.

Darrell lives his life speaking through his eyes, weaving the poetry of love through touch. Processing this world by tilting his head back, and feeling what's around him.

And in this way, Darrell, who does not have a family, is our teacher.

He's your teacher.

Darrell reminds you that every day is a gift. and that everything should be appreciated

He takes in everything -- the lights, the music, and the feelings. Yes, I have a ton of things to get done, but I need to remember that right now life is good.

Joy happens in the moment, and that's where Darrell's mind exists. Because of that, he would be a gift to your family.

Every child deserves a permanent home -- a place where people love you, enjoy you, and want to be around with you. He should get that too

Darrell won me over the way all the best friendships begin -- by reaching for my hand.

I'm glad Darrell is my new friend.

And because of that friendship with this humming, music-loving boy, I shared with Darrell how I squeeze my own children's hands three times when we are in public as a quiet message that I love them.

Darrell showed me he understood by squeezing back.

I want you to know: Darrell has a genius that others don't have, and he needs you to set him up to express all that he has to offer. I'm talking to the family watching who felt something watching Darrell and want you to know to inquire about Darrell go contact or call the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335.

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