WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Five children hope to give your life five times the love


How much love do you have in your life? How big is your heart? Are you aware you are capable of doubling that love? Maybe even multiplying love by, say, five?

Tonight's Wednesday's Child segment knocked me for a loop for many reasons. It’s about a sibling group of five who need each other, and they need to stay together.

There's 8-year-old Angelo and his twin brother Alonzo. There’s 9-year-old Anastasia and her twin, Antonio.

Until parents join their little family, these children are all alone in the world, except for their oldest sister, Viviana. She is 11 years old.

Viviana’s shoulders carry a lot more than just her little brother's nestled head.

“They rely on me to help them do what is right,” Viviana says. “It kind of feels like [I’m] a mom, but I'm just the older sister though.”

Viviana tells me the kids lost their dad not long ago. That was hard on everyone.

“I cried all night. All day,” Viviana said. “What scares me is seeing my siblings without me, or separated. What I tell myself is that if I'm there for them they won't fall or they won't have a bad future.”

What's amazing about all of our Wednesday's Child kids, and especially these five, is the resilience, the joy, the humor, and even the ability to play in the face of hard things.

Clark County's hundreds of kids awaiting forever families are our teachers. Teachers who stick to it and deserve the best despite the bad.

These kids deserve everything and more.

Greatness happens when people accept challenges that seem impossible. I know a sibling group of five seems like a lot. But it’s a lot of love, and a chance to do something that will affect generations.

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