WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Full of energy, Zaiden is the definition of a dynamo

Zaiden 157656 2018_004.jpg

It makes sense that Zaiden's name starts with a "Z" -- because he zips like a race car driver paying tribute to Zorro.

For our interview, we locked his wheels to slow his roll, and still...

Zaiden, do you want to unlock?

He's telling me, "I want to go!"

Zaiden is 7 years old, and he loves cars, shopping, sports and music. He doesn't have a lot of words with which to speak, so his social worker spoke for him, teaching me more of the lessons our Wednesday's Child kiddos often do.

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Here's the thing, they just speak a different language, but they are speaking to us.

What is Zaiden saying to the world?

I think Zaiden is saying, "I'm here, let's be a part of it."

For those out there struggling with problems that make you feel stuck, look to Zaiden.

The sky is the limit, whether you are in a wheelchair or not.

The family who adopts Zaiden would be eligible for assistance.

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