WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Gabriella wants to move past her dark days and into your family

After the storms, good things represent the proverbial exhale that this smiling Wednesday’s Child longs for. (Photo Courtesy Adoption Exchange)

Whether we like to talk about it or not, we are all just waiting to exhale. We’re waiting to feel what it’s like to move away from hard things and get back to feeling joy again.

Nobody deserves that more than fourth grader Gabriella. She’s this week’s Wednesday’s Child, and she loves the idea of moving forward from hard things.

The best interactions come when you just meet people where they are. That meant plunking down on to a gymnasium floor to interview Gabriella

Gabriella broke the ice by teasing me about how on earth an old guy would be able to get up off the floor after we were done.

Soon, singing replaced laughter. As we both sung “This Little Light of Mine,” Gabby told me singing brings us all home.

Gabriella’s light shines, despite dark days. Days she confided in me were tough, but now she knows something:

“You can take things that hurt you and turn them into good things,” Gabriella said.

After the storms, good things represent the proverbial exhale that this smiling Wednesday’s Child longs for.

My wish is for you her is for her to have her own bedroom, the color she chooses, in a house quiet, peaceful and safe. I wish for her to be able to take a deep breath and think, “I’m home.”

That morning would feel like nothing bad can ever happen, when old things have died away and all things are new.

“That would be lovely,” Gabriella said.

Lovely. So, why does Gabriella say moving forward would be lovely?

“I would forget,” Gabriella said.

Sometimes forgetting can be a gift.

“You know what fixes everything?” I asked her.

“Good behavior?” she guessed.

“Love,” I told her.

And it’s true.

Gabriella deserves that perfect morning, finally getting past the hard stuff.

“I need any help that I can get,” Gabriella said.

Better than deserving help, Gabriella believes it will come.

“I feel like I’m in God’s hands,” Gabriella said. “He gave me a chance to live and be myself not give up. Keep trying.” Gabriella said.

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