WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Gio hopes to be adopted by his birthday

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His name is Gio. He knows what his heart needs, and he believes you will feel him calling out to you in a very personal way.

"I don't want to be a foster kid for the rest of my life," Gio said.

This young man remembers the day he went into foster care, an experience that will never leave him.

"When you first join, you wonder, 'What do I do,' 'Where do I go,' and all that," he said.

Foster care is a phase of his life that Gio would like to leave behind. He wants a family, one he'll never have to leave.

"I want someone to help me with my homework and help me when I'm said," he said.

Gio wrote a letter explaining what he thinks the perfect family for him would be.

"If anybody is watching, I'd like to be adopted really bad," said Gio.

He said he knows what it's like to cry tears of sadness, but said he's never cried because he was happy.

"What do you think it would feel like to happy cry?" we asked.

"I don't know," Gio said. "I never did it before. It's amazing. It's amazing."

Sometimes the kids of Wednesday's Child don't let themselves believe adoption will happen for them, and so at a certain point they stop talking about adoption being possible.

"What if someone adopted me on my birthday?" asked Gio, who was born in June.

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