WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Isiaah wants to do something big for those who need it

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I’ve got a question for you.

What does it mean to be "big and important?" Some people think it’s having money, fancy trips, or a great car.

Listen closely to one of our teachers in this community.

His name is Isiaah. This young man is this week’s Wednesday’s Child to show you what big and important really is in this life.

Some kids are really good at the things it takes adults a lifetime to understand.

Isiaah is good at putting what he sees in his mind on paper.

Like all artists, it’s beautiful because he creates what he feels.

What does this seventh grader long to create?

“I kind of want to be able to build a building and be known for that,” said Isiaah.

Known for a building, but not just any building--Isiaah wants to draw and then build something for the homeless.

“Maybe I’d build a homeless shelter for all the homeless people out there,” said Max.

Why would he choose to do that?

“Because the homeless people need it more,” Max said. “I feel like they should have a house or somewhere to sleep besides the streets.”

Isiaah has a heart for the homeless because he says he knows someone who has been homeless. Knowing someone with a need is a hard thing to turn away from when you have a heart as big as this 12-year-old.

Isiaah has a need, too. He needs a family.

“The perfect family for me someone loving and caring and someone who will take care of me,” Isiaah said.

Take care of him, because this one is special. He is a little light that just needs to be placed at your table, to burn as bright as the heart that hopes to help mankind.

If you felt something because of this young man’s need to help others; maybe it’s a little tap on your shoulder to bring him home.

To inquire about Isiaah or any of the kids you see in our segments, go to

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