WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Kamarion wants to know what love is, exactly


It's often been said the world would be better if we all led with our hearts, and you are about to meet someone who does that.

His name is Kamarion, and he's waiting to be adopted. That's why he's this week's Wednesday's child.

What is love? It's kind of a big question for a little guy. But Kamarion, always a deep soul, wanted to explore life's most important question: He asked me: what is love, exactly?

I believe love is a super power, and Kamarion agrees with me.

“Love is stronger than most things,” he said. “Love can change someone's day within a few minutes”

That's the perspective of a young man whose life hasn't always been easy. Love says Kamarion can stop hatred, cold.

It's for this reason that the world needs kids like him.

I met Kamarion weeks before today. That's why he came wearing a Channel 3 sweat shirt, and a signature pink collar.

This kiddo is an artist, and color is the way he articulates what he would bring to the perfect adoptive family for him.

“They'd be artists like me. They'd have either a dog or a cat or maybe even a guinea pig,” Kamarion said. They'd benefit. I could teach them how to draw. I'd bring a lot of happiness in to their home as well.”

Happiness in a home -- it's all Kamarion wants. What's his secret for staying happy?

“There is no secret. Stay positive,” said Kamarion. “I just tell myself to stay positive”

Staying positive isn't easy, and yet Kamarion, like all of our Wednesday's Child kiddos, does it. But he still sometimes wonders: who, in this world loves him?

He is loveable, and if you can cement that idea in to his mind, by being his mom or his dad, you can keep that knowing of love for a little guy who needs it.

Maybe you could be the answer to the question Kamarion wants answered. What is love, for him?

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