WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: King hopes to have a forever family by Christmas

How is this for a bold question: how do you prepare the way for the arrival of a King in your life?

I got a chance to ask that question from someone who knows.

This week’s Wednesday’s Child is named King and he’s hoping you prepare a way for him in your life because all he wants is a forever family.

Sometimes you just look into the eyes of a child and see the presence of something greater.

In King’s case, it’s a greatness that hasn’t really learned how to say, or know, exactly what it is, but it’s there.

King is a thoughtful, smiling little boy who feels he got his name because it’s a calling:

“I want to do good things. To say nice things,” King said. “To be a leader.”

But first, King needs someone to bring him in, and crown him with a last name that means he’s got a forever family.

Adoption, to King means: “I would feel loved.”

Being loved, King concedes, means being picked up and held; something our Wednesday’s Child kiddos say they don’t get a lot of.

King says that, even as a big boy, he wants to be picked up and held. He says he’s had times when he needed to be picked up and held and rocked.

“I just know that kids like me just want to be loved,” King says.

What does love do?

“Love gives power,” King says.

Love gives power. This is the word from a king who says he wants a family by Christmas.

If that was my Christmas present, I’d be really happy to just be adopted. Not just to be adopted but to be loved.

To find out more about adopting King, or any of the other children who have appeared on Wednesdays Child, visit

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