WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Mathew and Dasan hope to light up your family


    It’s been said there’s no stronger bond – than the bond between brothers. Especially brothers who have been through tough things.

    Tonight, meet brothers Mathew and Dasan. Lightning bolts who hope to light up your family.

    Optimism times two, Mathew and Dasan are brothers who are a laugh a minute funny and active, these boys need a family to match. The perfect family would be a family with high energy.

    These kids love each other, and need to stay together.

    It’s a misconception that sibling sets are tough to raise. They’re not. It’s work, but it’s a great time.

    It brings life in to the room -- twice the work, twice the fun, twice the reward.

    Another note: these kids like burgers dipped in ranch dressing. If you want to know more about these boys, go to

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