WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Mia knows that the key to success is helping others

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The children we feature in our Wednesday’s Child segment are often the recipients of a lot of help from people who want them to heal and succeed while they await a forever family. And every so often, we are amazed that one of the children who has been helped steps off the curb of life to march to help others.

This week, meet Mia who knows the key to success is lifting others going through tough times.

Sixth grade and Mia is already keyed in on one of life’s great truths: Help people and to lift them up.

“You’ll have a better life helping other people who have problems,” said Mia. “Help them with what they want to accomplish.”

Mia volunteers at her school for kids who need a little extra help.

“I’m a peer advocate in school to help disabled kids and can’t learn fast,” Mia said. “They don’t feel like normal kids, so I try to make them feel normal. I make them feel like they’re one of my friends. I tell them they’re smart”.

Mia draws on the highest form of intelligence, which is kindness. Sometimes, Mia sees kids who are picked on for being different, and Mia says she heeds her inner voice that always says:

“Don’t stand there. Go help them. They should feel like any other kid and be themselves,” said Mia.

Being themselves, Mia says, means helping the kids tap into their inner genius and setting them to success.

Mia hopes a family will adopt her and do the same for her, a girl who loves sports, cheerleading, and dance. She hopes for pets, siblings, and a few more things.

“I just want to feel safe in a home,” said Mia. “Joyful, a lot of laughter, family, and friends and all that.

When asked what makes a good family, Mia said, “They listen to you, love you for who you are. They help you. They give you good comments.”

And what’s Mia’s promise back to the family who adopts her?

“I will be a good kid,” Mia said.

So, you felt something there, now follow Mia’s example. I’ll borrow her words. Don’t just stand there, go help her.

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