WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Oriana is yearning for a home that will love her and hold her

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Everybody needs somebody -- somebody who tells you that you are everything you need to be.

That's especially true when you are a fifteen-year-old girl.

Meet Oriana, tonight's Wednesday's Child. She hopes you'll put her center stage in your life.

Someone, at some time, looked in to the eyes of this Oriana and gave her a name that means light.

Oriana is beautiful, talented, and wanting only one thing:

“I'm yearning for a home,” Oriana said. “Somebody who would guarantee my safety accept me for who I am and who I will become and just love me unconditionally.”

Love, to this teen, means to be held. Oriana has a heart for other kids like her in foster care, waiting to be adopted.

What does she tell herself, and others like her?

“You're going to find someplace, and someone to hold you.”

Oriana says it’s important to be held “because it makes them feel cared for. Loved.”

“Sometimes people think only a baby needs to be loved,” Oriana explained. “But teens need it just as much.”

All of our Wednesday's Child kiddos have wisdom born of hard things. They prove you can do hard things. They know, because they have done hard things themselves.

But sometimes, the kids offer up mountains they've conquered, and inspire in the telling of their own truths.

“The bad part? I used to be homeless,” Oriana explained. “The good part is that happened, and now good things are happening. I've changed, and can be a better person and can help people who've been through bad, bad stuff.”

Oriana is a helper. She just needs someone to set the stage in her life so her story, can be a light to the world.

To other children like her on the street, she says “I love you. Keep on pushing, you are going to get there.”

To inquire about Oriana, click here.

For more information on the adoption process, visit

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