WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Victoria believes her purpose is to find a forever family

Victoria is looking for a family, one to giver her a glimpse of her purpose. (KSNV)

We’ve cooked up something to fill your heart right up half way through your work week. The story of a valley teenager who prays every night for a family who will adopt her.

This week’s Wednesday’s Child is Victoria, someone who loves to cook and hopes to bring her talents to your table, becoming a member of your family.

Lucky us - to be in the kitchen of chef Lucky Thai with bright eyed teen, Victoria. Today’s menu: serving up a girl’s hope of becoming someone’s daughter.

Meet Victoria, who knows the joys and difficulties of life are best served with a family.

“You need to feel loved. You need to feel safety. There’s people there,” Victoria said. “You might not have a bunch of people -- at least one good person you know you can count on them for anything.”

Victoria is ready for a family, and she’s brave enough to believe someone is out there waiting to adopt her.

“Belief is just knowing know what you want to do and you know it’s possible,” Victoria explains.

Possible, despite the hard stuff. Victoria tells me she will write a book about her life. The opening line?

“This is a book about my life and how it changed over years in foster care,” she tells me.

Years in foster care could represent the closing of painful chapters if someone steps up to offer Victoria a glimpse of her purpose -- something she knows she exists for.”

“My purpose in life is to find that forever family,” Victoria said.“There’s a greater purpose in life and everyone just has to find it, and once you find that purpose, you’ll be the happiest person in the world.”

Victoria can see that happiness when she closes her eyes. She just needs someone to bring it from her dreams to her days.

Maybe Victoria is your purpose.

“There is a purpose in life, and you need to find your purpose,” said Victoria. “I believe it, and if I believe it anything can happen.

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