City annexation plan angers County residents


Patricia Oldenberg lives in Clark County. She’s proud of that. She likes that she can own horses or other animals. She likes her pool, her view of the Texas Station Casino, and she likes the land. She says her neighbors do too.

“We all bought into a rural area that we enjoy we can have horses or animals.” Patricia tells us “We brought in for a purpose, to live our life out in the country in Las Vegas.”

Oldenberg’s County dream though is threatened.

The City of Las Vegas is moving to annex her house and the homes of around 1000 others.

More than 800 acres of land around her would be City property, so would the revenue from property taxes.

The County Commission took a stand on Wednesday in support of the neighbors that oppose the move by the City.

Oldenberg is rallying neighbors to protest the annexation in the hopes it will legally stop the City.

Commissioners and neighbors will go door to door to drum up support for the petition this weekend.

City Council plans on discussing the annexation in February.

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