Eagles' Super Bowl victory is a boon for Las Vegas gamblers, not so much for the casinos

Super Bowl 52 Football (NFL/MGN Online)

When Tom Brady's Hail Mary pass fell incomplete at the end of Super Bowl LII, you could hear the cheers from Philadelphia all the way to Las Vegas.

As Eagles fans were celebrating the team's first Super Bowl victory in franchise history, gamblers who put money on Nick Foles and Co. were cashing in on their winning bets.

And there were a lot of them.

At Caesars Palace sportsbooks, as of Friday, more than 61 percent of the point-spread bets (the Eagles closed at a 4.5 point-underdog) and nearly 70 percent of the money was wagered on the Eagles, ABC News reported. At William Hill, 75 percent of the point-spread bets was on Philly.

But their take home was nothing compared to Bettor X, the unnamed bettor who wagered at least $6 million in five separate bets, all on the Eagles, according to ESPN. Among the wagers by Bettor X, who won $10 million on the World Series in November, was a $3 million moneyline bet at MGM. That means he won between $4.5 million and $5.4 million just for picking the Eagles straight up to win, reported. Over at William Hill, the same bettor netted a tidy $1.55 million profit on his $1 million moneyline wager on the Eagles.

Those wagers were two of the five million-dollar-plus bets placed on this year's big game. Only one of those was on the Patriots. Condolences to that person. When it's all said and done, betting on Super Bowl LII is expected to exceed the record $138.4 million wagered on last year's game.

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