Could Major League Baseball be the next professional sport to come to Las Vegas?


It is the symbolic half-way point for Major League Baseball, which means home run derbies and an All-Star Game.

In the case of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, it also means yet another mention of Las Vegas as a possible future franchise location.

“I have said before, Las Vegas could be a viable market for us," is a quote from Manfred last year. He said essentially the same thing again this year while appearing on a national sports broadcast.

Alan Snel, a Las Vegas sports journalist for, says he understands the appeal of the market.

For one, he says it's growing.

It is also a destination city, which means fans might want to travel to see their team. And then there are the Golden Knights. Sell-out games, record merchandise sales, enough to make any major league sport take notice.

However, Snel says baseball might be a tough sell for the near future.

“I just don't see how this market could spend hundreds of millions of dollars on building a publicly subsidized ballpark, now that we have the Raiders Stadium," he said.

The Raiders Stadium, lest we forget, is being partly funded through public hotel tax dollars. $750 million to be exact.

One sports fan told us basketball would be the next major league sport to come to Las Vegas. Snel believes he could be right, especially with T-Mobile Arena designed to host two major teams.

It doesn’t mean baseball is not in play necessarily, only that the game is just getting started.

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