After 17 days of intense competition, the Rio Olympics come to a close

Checking out the Selaron steps and Lapa arts and samba district in Rio (Reed Cowan | KSNV)

The final curtain is about to fall on the 2016 Rio Olympics Games.

It has been 17 days of intense competition, incredible memories, and a dazzling display of friendship by the host country.

Closing ceremonies in Rio promise to be a wonderful display, despite rain falling on Rio on the final day.

The Olympic Games and their host country were washing into memory like a favorite song.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists are taking with them the memory and majesty of Christ the Redeemer.

"Its open arms makes me feel the sense we all come together, countries' beliefs," said American tourist Brandon Rosolowski.

Tourists are also leaving behind all things heavy, high above Sugarloaf Mountain.

"Being on top of this mountain, you see God's grace, what he's able to create, and it's amazing," said American tourist Steadman Lee.

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Many are taking final steps at the famed Seleron Steps.

They are artist Jorge Seleron's tribute to the Rio Olympics, that visitors have come to love.

It's a place where locals keep the paint fresh and children jump into a post-Olympics future.

"I fell into a good spot," said musician Vini De Vici, of Seleron.

It's a good spot on nearly every corner of Rio's Lapa Arts and Samba District.

As a locals' favorite, this spot, say our hosts, is the articulation of what Americans can learn from people in Rio.

Everyone is encouraged to dance in the rain, celebrate, and put down their cell phones to look up at the birds circling overhead.

And above all else?

Remember Rio and come back.

Rio is already in tear-down mode with a lot of the facilities starting to be deconstructed and put in boxes.

The focus now moves onto the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020.

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