"I love him for the man he is," a local father's wish for his second-time Olympian

"It was really good to see him, give him a hug and remind him I love him for the man he is, not because he’s a gifted athlete," said Mike Fields. His son Connor will be competing in his second Olympics in Rio this year. 8/1/2016 (Mike Fields | KSNV)

Olympic athletes are beginning their journeys to Rio de Janiero ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games. For some of the athletes in the early events, flights have already arrived in Brazil, but there are some still training here in the states.

News 3 Team Rio member Mike Fields is watching as his son Connor Fields gears up for his second Olympic Games. Last week, the father and son spent some time together at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center in Southern California where the Olympic BMX team trained on a replica track.

Connor has faced some challenges ahead of the 2016 games. He's just 12 weeks post-op for a wrist injury he sustained during training but he says he feels ready for Brazil.

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"Roughly a third of the riders who will be competing in Rio were training on the Rio replica track located in Chula Vista. Nothing can emulate the real thing like racing your competitors just weeks before the actual event. I sat under a tree, relaxing, while Connor and riders from Australia, France, Brazil, New Zealand and the USA worked their tails off. Confidence is the most important currency for each rider now, just weeks away from go-time," said Mike Fields.

From Chula Vista, Connor and his BMX team arrived in Houston, Texas for team processing. During their stay in Houston, the team received their credentials for Olympic Village, their uniforms, their outfits for the Closing Ceremonies, and other swag from their sponsors. Mike told News 3 that everything fit properly thanks to some on-site alterations.

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Here's a look at the bike frame Connor will use during the games this year.

Mike told News 3 that the weeks leading up to the games are usually some of the most intense for the athletes.

"The constant interviews, phone calls, and media appearances sound fun, but come at the cost of adding to the pressure of performing on the world’s biggest stage. There’s very little “downtime” and thinking about and being constantly reminded of the event is exhausting to most athletes," he said.

This week, Connor is filming a commercial with the USA BMX team at ESPN Sports Center.

"Maybe they will be body-checking each other between cubicles or jumping desks? We’ll see soon," joked Mike.

Either way, News 3 will be keeping track of Connor's progress. Look for more reports by Mike Fields as he arrives in Rio to watch his Olympian compete in the 2016 games. Ahead of his departure for Rio de Janeiro, Mike had this to say about the man he's watched grow into a U.S. Olympian:

"It was really good to see him, give him a hug and remind him I love him for the man he is, not because he’s a gifted athlete," said Fields.

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