Las Vegas man to attend 11th Olympics

If there were a gold medal for Olympic passion, Las Vegan Larry Brickner might win it. [KSNV]

If there were a gold medal for Olympic passion, Las Vegan Larry Brickner might win it.

"I grew up for some reason with a fascination for the Olympics," said Brickner. "I began to organize Olympic games in my backyard with folks in the neighborhood."

It's a fascination Brickner has carried from his 1950s childhood to 2016.

Rio will be the 11th Olympics Brickner has attended.

The 69-year-old is looking to add to a tremendous list of Olympic memories.

"I met Herb Brooks outside of the Olympic hockey rink in the 1980 games," said Brickner. "I saw Edwin Moses get his first and last gold medal hurdles."

Bricker also aims to add to his Olympic memorabilia which he said he's found Olympians are sometimes eager to sell.

"In the 1996 games, one of the most interesting experiences I've ever seen was that they had one major entrance and exit from the Olympic village, and all of the athletes came in and out of there, and the athletes from the poorer nations brought out all their stuff and sold it, and then came back like two hours later from Circuit City or some place with electronics," said Brickner. "It was a huge international commerce market."

And there's one more market Brickner will get into: trading Olympic pins.

"It's been a really great way to get introduced to other fans, to be able to break the ice with athletes and coaches," said Brickner.

Larry has learned a lot since his first Olympics in 1976 when he believes his housing was actually a converted brothel.

"When I showed up, a lady behind the counter was in a negligée, and then we went up to our rooms and the rooms were totally red," said Brickner.

Even though Brickner has already been to 10 Olympics, he still calls it a bucket list item everyone should try.

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