Travelers make mad dash for Olympic souvenirs as games draw to a close

    Olympic Souveneirs.png

    With closing ceremonies just days away in Pyeongchang, thousands of Olympic fans are making a mad dash for last-minute souvenirs.

    There’s a high premium for anything with an Olympic logo.

    Imagine your local Walmart set up like a tent in a parking lot -- that's what the Olympic superstore is. And the items will not last.

    Want something with the Olympic rings on it and the official branding of the 2018 games? People here know you've got to act fast.

    Irina Becker's bag won't be empty for long.

    “We just started. I got a sweater,” said Becker. “I come here looking for a snow globe for my sons.”

    She’s interested in all things Olympic, and for this trip, she's not interested in items in a Korean market.

    “It's a once in a lifetime,” said Becker. “We can get Korean stuff anytime”

    Olympic items are something of a symbol -- a token of the games. Touchstones, if you will, for when people like Svetlana Grishaver go home and want to remember.

    “[We want] to use them often,” said Grishaver. “To remember the best moments when we're here.”

    Getting into the Olympic store is like getting into Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland on a busy day. To cut down on the lines, they even have teddy bear vending machines -- Those usually sell out by 2:00 p.m. every day.

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