F-35 fighter jets fly over T-Mobile during Game 2 national anthem


Another first for our Vegas Golden Knights, courtesy of our friends at Nellis Air Force Base.

Four next-generation F-35 Fighter Jets flew in formation over the T-Mobile Arena during the National Anthem to start Game 2.

Major General Peter Gersten says his team was excited to be the first ever to fly over a Stanley Cup Final, and the most dominant fighter in the sky is the perfect fit for the most dominant team in the NHL.

Seeing four brand-new F-35s flying in formation anywhere civilians can spot them is a rare treat.

The flyover at T-Mobile was a quick detour on a training mission that was already in the books.

Lt. Colonel Michael Blauser calls it an honor to be invited to support the Knights.

"True pleasure to be a part of Game 2, Vegas is a great city. Honored to help support the Knights and Vegas and bring a room for Game 2," Lt. Colonel Michael Blauser.

The fighter jets zipped past the arena in a few seconds, but every Air Force mission takes at least six hours of pre-planning. It's even longer for the ground crews who make sure the birds are ready to fly.

Tech Sgt. Stephen Ward is an aviation mechanic who says, "We all work as a team, just like Golden Knights work as a team."

And just like in hockey, timing is key to get to just the right spot at just the right time.

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