Golden Knights' anthem singer proud to represent Las Vegas

Knight's anthem singer proud to represent Las Vegas. (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

To Golden Knights fans, the voice is now unmistakable. And like the team itself, the man behind it a bit of a Cinderella story.

"They actually called me and said, 'Our singer is sick, do you want to sing tomorrow?' And I said yes. That was the first time, it was against the Blackhawks," said Carnell Johnson.

Now nicknamed "Golden Pipes," Carnell sent in a video audition hoping for a chance to sing at just a single home game. But after that first appearance, the fans wanted more.

On social media, they asked the Knights to bring him back. They even sent him a jersey with "Golden Pipes" written on the back.

"From then it just kind of snowballed. I got a call the week after, then the week after that," said Johnson.

He says he still gets nervous but is now starting to have more fun, even slightly adapting his rendition to go along with some audience participation, leaving out the "night" in "through the night" for the fans to jump in.

Not a celebrity or even a famous name yet, Johnson says he feels an enormous sense of pride.

"Being born here, raised here, high school, middle school, college... um, Vegas is my home," said Johnson.

And for those who heard him sing, he does makes Vegas proud.

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