The Dog and the Goalie: Furry meets Fleury

The Dog and The Goalie: Furry meets Fleury

It is the meeting that was destined to happen: Bark-Andre Furry versus Marc-Andre Fleury.

A social media darling coming face to face with the star goaltender of the Vegas Golden Knights.

News 3 first met Furry a few weeks ago. A Jack Russell terrier who is a regular at the Golden Knights practice. However, if fans knew him, members of the team did not, until Thursday.

If there is a face to be kissed, Furry is there, greeting admirers at City National Arena and even helping scrape the ice during practice for the Golden Knights.

A pup whose clever name is taking over Twitter and Instagram.

"I appreciate anyone who handles social media accounts now, because yes, it could be a full-time job," said owner Rick Williams.

Thursday, there was a special face-to-face. Representatives from the Golden Knights arranged for a quick get together and even an autograph on Furry's custom jersey.

"I thought it was pretty funny. My wife showed me a picture of the dog online with the jersey with my name on it. So I had a good laugh at it, and then I got to meet him," says Fleury.

"Fleury is a very nice gentleman. He laughed when he saw him," shared Williams.

Williams and his dog have been coming to the team's practices since October. With the Knights now headed to the Western Conference Final, the crowd at City National continues to grow, meaning more attention for the 10-year-old terrier.

"This was truly a joke amongst friends. I never thought it would go anywhere, never the intention, but yes it has gone crazy. Good luck wherever you are going, man," says Williams.

Sending off the city's star goalie to the next round of the playoffs, Furry at the glass, tail wagging.

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