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Jeff Gillan is an award-winning and veteran broadcast journalist, whose career has spanned four states, five stations and many memorable moments. It has been a fascinating 20-plus year career with a front seat to history.

He began in television in 1986, reporting, shooting and editing his own stories at a small station in Fort Smith, Arkansas. From there, his television journey took him to Virginia, and then Wisconsin. He arrived in Las Vegas in 2001 to anchor at the local cable channel Las Vegas ONE. During his eight-year tenure, he guided his nightly newscast, "NewsONE at 9" to two Emmy awards for best local nightly newscast.

In his time in Las Vegas, he has covered the local fallout from 9/11, the housing boom and bust, the rise and fall of local politicians, gaming's expansion and contraction, and the worst recession the Valley and Nevada have seen since the great Depression.

Gillan has carved a niche as a thoughtful and intelligent interviewer. His long-form interviews on "NewsONE" won him praise and offered viewers unique glimpses of newsmakers and issues.

He joined News 3 as Managing Editor in November 2009.

Gillan went to college in Washington, D.C., receiving his undergraduate degree from Georgetown and his master's degree in journalism and public affairs from American.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys swimming, cooking, reading, Mozart, Miles Davis, John Mayer and life in Green Valley Ranch.