Health Binge merges the concepts of healthy gourmet food and convenience

Health Binge, a Fresh Prepared Foods company, was created by Founder Gerome Sapp, a former NFL Captain and Harvard MBA, to merge the concepts of healthy gourmet food and convenience. This new concept of 'nutritional convenience' revolves around tasty hand crafted healthy meals and convenient retail stores that allow anyone the ability to come in, grab a gourmet pre-packaged meal, then go! Chef Roy Daley, a top rated chef, partnered with Gerome Sapp to create the Health Binge menu with equal parts nutritional value and taste at the core of importance. Also, elements of the G-BOMBS Diet, a synonym for Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds (some of the best anti-cancer, health promoting foods on the planet) are incorporated into each menu item. Health Binge meals and the diet are NCAA & NFL athlete approved.

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