Experts warn to protect pets and cover plants during freeze

Experts warn to protect pets and cover plants during freeze (KSNV)

The late winter blast was enough to make people pull out their coats again.

Biting wind and a more than 20-degree drop in temperatures brought many back to the winter that never was.

At Moon Valley Nursery on West Charleston it was “code blue”, emergency “plant protocol” for unexpected freezes.

Garden fruits and vegetables especially at risk. Also, trees and flowers in early bloom, now susceptible to frost damage.

Experts like Cory Workman, a Horticulturist at Moon Valley Nursery, recommend covering vulnerable plants with burlap.

"Any tropical plants, Pygmy Date Palms, Queen Palms, some types of cactus, Aralias, Birds of Paradise, tropical Birds of Paradise," Cory told us. And the list goes on.

Pets are also a concern. Like with people, cold weather may worsen certain animal conditions, that includes arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

Even animals with thick fur could become sick with a sudden change in temperature.

Expert veterinarian, Dr. Aaron Bivens at South Buffalo Springs Animal Hospital advise bringing your furry friends inside.

"You want to have them on a padded surface, a soft surface, a bed, and that's going to prevent conduction. So they're not going to be giving up their heat, laying on a cold surface, concrete, metal, etcetera," said Dr. Bivens.

Short walks are still ok, he says, but keep them away from breezes, and keep them dry, especially their paws.

Winter weather isn't unusual in the valley but this year's late-season surprise has many feeling the chill.

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